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Asia Pacific Employment Law
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Asia Pacific Employment Law

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A One-stop HR Portal for Regional HR Professionals

Wolters Kluwer understands regional HR professionals are challenged daily to implement competitive and flexible practices to attract, retain and manage talents in a fast-moving, globally mobile workforce. Understanding employment policies and procedures in multiple countries is no easy task. The volume of information, coupled with constant changes in the laws and regulations with the development of the economy and labour market, present a substantial challenge in practice.

Asia Pacific Employment Law saves research time by providing you with to up-to-date content, legislation and comparative tables in addition to guide on legal policies, letters and other documents which are in accordance to local country employment law requirements.

14 Major APAC Economies

Hong Kong
South Korea
New Zealand

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Expert Interpretations and Practice Tools

  • Expert Commentary
  • Source Legislation & Articles
  • Sample Forms, Letters
  • and Templates
  • Comparison Tables & Case Studies
  • Questions & Answers
  • Tracker News

Powered by Wolters Kluwer’s intuitive CCH IntelliConnect? research platform, the search engine aids professionals in obtaining information they want quickly and accurately. It also has the added flexibility to customise the research experience.

Experience These Key Benefits

  • Quick Answers – on employment law and HR practices from one single source.
  • Expert Commentary – Local experts share their best practices and provide valuable insights in understanding the application of the employment laws.
  • Customisable Templates and Sample Policies – to help users create policies catered for the local employees efficiently. 
  • Thought Leadership – Access to thought-provoking articles from the best minds in the industry. 
  • Decision-Validating Source – references to legislation and research links to local authorities ensure HR decisions are validated and legally supported by the law.
  • Risk Management – within the HR function with constant updates of new legislation, commentary and documentation ensures compliance in a timely manner.
  • News Alerts – An alert service that delivers the latest HR news, analysis of legislative changes, important rulings, cases and industry best practices directly to your mailbox.

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Content Highlights

  • Termination processes and practices
  • Managing poor performance
  • Recruitment and promotions
  • Leave allowances and public holidays
  • Managing expatriates and foreign worker employment and mobility
  • Issues on workplace safety and health
  • Benefits and other employer obligations
  • Ongoing developments in data protection and cybersecurity
  • Reproduction of all primary legislation
  • HR best practices across all areas

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